Assam Summer Flush


Assam is harvested twice a year, resulting in two distinct Assam tea flushes. Both have the Assam notes of malt, honey, and nuts, but each has a distinctive flavor and texture. The second, “tippy” tea leaf is more highly esteemed than the leaf from the first harvest.

  • Spring Flush – The first harvest of Assam tea occurs sometime between March and mid-May. These tea leaves are more mellow, smooth, and fragrant than their summer counterparts.
  • Summer Flush – Assam’s second harvest takes place starting in mid-May and lasting throughout the summer. Summer flush Assam tea is known as “tippy tea” due to the golden tips on the leaves. This kind of Assam is sweeter, darker, and more full-bodied than the spring flush tea. Summer flush Assam tea is highly prized and considered a superior harvest.