Tea Campaign is the world's largest importer of Darjeeling tea. 

Since 1984 Tea Campaign has provided their customers one of the most recognised teas in the world. As we get our tea directly from the Himalayas, we are able to provide you Darjeeling at an excellent price.

How is it possible?

Tea Campaign principles

Darjeeling tea comes only from specific tea gardens in the mountainous region of Darjeeling in Northern India. The exact origin of each package can be traced via the included code on the package. This guarantees that what you get is truly authentic Darjeeling tea.

Since the area on which tea gardens can be built is extremely limited, only 10,000 tonnes of Darjeeling tea is produced annually. However, worldwide around 40,000 tonnes are sold under the Darjeeling name. This means that on the market you will find counterfeit tea 4 times more often than the real one!

We provide you 100% authentic Darjeeling tea.

Darjeeling tea price

Darjeeling tea is often called the Queen of Teas or the Champagne of Teas. As such, Darjeeling is often sold at extremely high prices.
Thanks to our minimalist supply chain we are able to source our tea directly from the Himalayas without any middlemen. This allows to drive our prices down and make our tea affordable for our customers.


The key principles of the Tea Campaign business model include transparency and sustainability. Through our collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) we support the preservation of the Darjeeling region, planting up to 200,000 new saplings every year, as well as organising various educational programmes to students. We hope our customers are willing to pay a fair price for their product while making an actual difference in preserving the environment.